Basilicata is known for the highest frequency of extreme hydrological and geological events. Several landslides and floods have extensively affected the region because of its geological characteristics and dynamics of precipitation producing extensive damage to regional urban areas and infrastructures. In this work, an analysis of extreme events occurred from 1925 to 2015 in Basilicata region is carried out in order to characterize their spatial and temporal evolution. This allowed us to identify the most critical periods and the areas most frequently affected by events that have caused damage on territory.

How to cite: Dal Sasso, S.F., S. Manfreda, G. Capparelli, P. Versace, C. Samela, G. Spilotro, M. Fiorentino, La pericolosità idraulica e geologica della regione BasilicataL’Acqua, n.3, 77-85, 2017. [pdf]