Datasets and Reports


Strelnikova, D., S. Ioneanu, S. Herban, G. Paulus, & S. Manfreda. (2022). Operations Manual for the Use of UAS in Environmental Studies (based on SORA 2.0) (Version 01). Zenodo.  [pdf]


Avino, A., Cimorelli, L., Furcolo, P., Noto, L. V., Pelosi, A., Pianese, D., & Manfreda, S. (2024). Reconstructed Sub-Daily Rainfall Annual Maxima for Southern Italy [Data set]. In Are rainfall extremes intensifying in Southern Italy? (Vol. 130684, pp. 1–52). Zenodo

Pizarro, A.; Dal Sasso, S. F.; Perks, M.; Manfreda, S.; Data on spatial distribution of tracers for optical sensing of stream surface flow, (DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3761859) 2020. [Link]

Samela, C., T. Troy, S. Manfreda, 100-year flood susceptibility maps for the continental U.S. derived with a geomorphic method, University of Basilicata. Dataset (DOI: 10.4121/uuid:4dc7ef9f-80d0-4b78-8161-ca35f215d547), 2017. [Link]