The paper introduces a minimalist water-driven crop model for sustainable irrigation management using an eco-hydrological approach. Such model, called MY SIRR, uses a relatively small number of parameters and attempts to balance simplicity, accuracy, and robustness. MY SIRR is a quantitative tool to assess water requirements and agricultural production across different climates, soil types, crops, and irrigation strategies. The MY SIRR source code is published under copyleft license. The FOSS approach could lower the financial barriers of smallholders, especially in developing countries, in the utilization of tools for better decision-making on the strategies for short- and long-term water resource management.

How to cite: Albano, R., S. Manfreda, G. Celano, MYSIRR: Minimalist agro-hYdrological model for Sustainable IRRigation management – soil moisture and crop dynamicsSoftwareX, 6, 107–117, (doi: 10.1016/j.softx.2017.04.00), 2017. [pdf]