The design of hydraulic structures needs to account for a trade-off between implementation costs and flood damages, as well as for the impacts on basins hydrological responses over a wide spectrum of events. In this work, a new methodology for dimensioning an in-line detention dam that integrates geomorphic, probabilistic and economic modeling is proposed. It is formulated as an economic optimization problem aimed at minimizing the sum of the construction cost and the cost of the residual flood risk on residential buildings. The optimization procedure was applied to a hypothetical in-line detention dam located upstream of the urban area of Castellammare di Stabia (Naples, Italy).

How to cite: Albertini, C.; Miglino, D.; Bove, G.; De Falco, M.; De Paola, F.; Dinuzzi, A.M.; Petroselli, A.; Pugliese, F.; Samela, C.; Santo, A.; et al. Integration of a Probabilistic and a Geomorphic Method for the Optimization of Flood Detention Basins Design. Environ. Sci. Proc. 2022,21,9. [pdf]