The analysis of runoff thresholds and, more in general, the identification of main mechanisms of runoff generation controlling the flood frequency distribution is investigated, by means of theoretically derived flood frequency distributions, in the framework of regional analysis. Two nested theoretically-derived distributions are fitted to annual maximum flood series recorded in several basins of Southern Italy. Results are exploited in order to investigate heterogeneities and homogeneities and to obtain useful information for improving the available methods for regional analysis of flood frequency.

How to cite: Fiorentino, M., A. Gioia, V. Iacobellis, and S. Manfreda, Regional analysis of runoff thresholds behaviour in Southern Italy based on theoretically derived distributionsAdvances in Geosciences, 26, 139-144, (doi:10.5194/adgeo-26-139-2011), 2011. [pdf]