We are promoting a Special Issue on River Monitoring with the aim to provide an overview of the most advanced research activities in this field.

The aim of the present Special Issue is to promote the identification of the most innovative new solutions for river monitoring that can be used to increase our knowledge on water availability and control extreme events. In particular, contributions should aim to address the following topics:

  • The use of remote-sensing approaches for hydrological, hydraulic and morphological monitoring;
  • Innovative methodologies for measuring/modelling/estimating stream flow;
  • New methods or technologies to cope with data-scarce environments;
  • Use of camera systems for river monitoring;
  • Inter-comparison of innovative and classical models and approaches;
  • Monitoring of water quality and quantity;
  • Biomonitoring and bioindicators used for river ecosystems.

For more information about the Special Issue, please see: https://www.mdpi.com/journal/hydrology/special_issues/61A611C18A 

Dr. Salvatore Manfreda
Dr. Domenico Miglino
Dr. Alonso Pizarro