The flood frequency estimation in ungauged basins requires the development of innovative statistical tools aimed to improve the available techniques for risk assessment. This research is aimed to better understand and classify the hydrological processes underlying the flood generation exploiting the theoretical model of Iacobellis and Fiorentino [9]. The effects of climatic and physiographic basin features on the main variables of the cited theoretical flood probability distribution are analyzed focusing on 33 gauged basins in a wide area of Southern Italy. Results provide interesting information for the research of an analytical derivation of a flood frequency distribution whose parameters are directly related to climatic and physiographic basin characteristics.

How to cite: Gioia, A., V. Iacobellis, S. Manfreda, M. Fiorentino, Influence of Climatic and Soil Factors on Flood Frequency Distributions in Southern ItalyWSEAS transactions on Environment and Development, 3(1), 14-23, (ISSN 1790-5079), 2007.