This Research Topic seeks to publish articles that demonstrate the utility of image velocimetry techniques for sensing the fluvial environment; that advance the development of image-based techniques; and inform deployment practices for the sensing of river flow processes. Of particular interest are research articles and commentaries where image-based techniques have:
• Advanced fundamental understanding of fluvial processes (e.g. flood flow dynamics)
• Been used as the basis for predictions of fluvial processes (e.g. bank erosion, sediment transport)
• Led to the advancement of industrial, or management practices (e.g. river flow quantification, eco-hydraulic assessments, hazard assessment, assessment of engineering structure performance).
In addition, research articles that report technical advances are also welcomed. These may include, but are not limited to:
• New approaches for image-based sensing of river flows
• Assessments of the applicability and accuracy of existing workflows and techniques
• Advancement of existing image velocimetry techniques
• Methodological refinements and recommendations for best practice