In the present work, we describe an extended flood risk analysis carried out in the Adige River basin in Italy. The methodologies adopted were used in a comparative approach that highlighted the limits and potentiality of some methods with respect to others. Principles presented may be
considered of interest for general problems of flood risk management. The work carried out shows interesting results along with a broad number of specificities that may constitute a useful support for those who will apply hydrological analyses on large-size basins. The study basin covers a wide area of about 12,000 km2. In such a case, a satisfactory analysis becomes complex because of the large number of phenomena involved in flood generation that need to be taken into account.

How to cite: .Manfreda, S. and M. Fiorentino, Flood Volume Estimation and Flood Mitigation: Adige river basin, in “Mountains: Sources of Water, Sources of Knowledge”, Series: Advances in Global Change Research, Vol. 31 Ed. by Ellen Wiegandt, pp. 243-264, (ISBN:978-1-4020-6747-1) 2008.  [Link]