The working group MEDCLUB, proposed by Fiorentino and Iacobellis (2005), is aimed at developing a wide range of activities dealing with Climate-Soil-Vegetation (CSV) interactions in Mediterranean basins. The goal of the project is to reduce uncertainty in predictions regarding hydrological extremes, soil water balance and ecosystem response to hydrological fluctuations. The research will focus on the controlling or dominant processes acting at basin or local scale that may allow model classification in terms of temporal and spatial scales, local climate, data requirements and type of application. In the present work, we briefly present the main framework of the project and its future perspective.

How to cite: Fiorentino, M., D. Carriero, V. Iacobellis, S. Manfreda, I. Portoghese, MEDCLUB – starting line and first activities, In: Predictions in Ungauged Basins: Promises and Progress edited by Murugesu Sivapalan, Thorsten Wagener, Stefan Uhlenbrook, Erwin Zehe, Venkat Lakshmi, Xu Liang, Yasuto Tachikawa & Praveen Kumar,  IAHS Publ. 303, (ISBN 1-901502-48-1), 2006.